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Download MN Kids Database (MKD) Briefs

The following briefs were created by Wilder Research using data from the MN Kids Database.

Overview of MKD

Describes the history, purpose, components and partnerships of the MN Kids Database. Share this with your agency, other providers, funders, and school staff.

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School-Based Mental Health 101

Explains what school-based mental health services are and some research about its effectiveness. Share this brief with funders, school staff, insurance companies and anyone interested in learning the basics about school-based mental health.

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Demographics of MKD Clients

Highlighting demographic information of the clients in MKD. Share this with your agency, funders, and school staff.

School Year 10-11

Services Provided to MKD Clients

Highlighting MKD clients' accessibility to services, both billable and ancillary. Share this with your agency, funders, and school staff.

School Year 10-11 School Year 09-10